Fuel Dispenser Machine is a self contained Biodiesel Oil / Fuel Dispensing Machine which has been designed to meet the needs of fuel distributors who’s customers require High Volume Metered Deliveries of Fuel

The machine comprises of a 2HP Flame Proof Electric Motor (3-Phase), Internal Rotary Gear Pump, Flow Meter and Hose Pipe. Product quantity is accurately measured by a Legal Metrology India approved flow meter (IND/09/2004/01) which is fitted with an inlet strainer, air eliminator and NRV .


A modern fuel dispenser is logically divided into two main parts — an electronic “head” containing an embedded computer to control the action of the pump, drive the pump’s displays, and communicate to an indoor sales system; and secondly, the mechanical section which in a ‘self contained’ unit has an electric motor, pumping unit, meters, pulsars and valves to physically pump and control the fuel flow.

Fuel Nozzles

Nozzles are attached to the pump via flexible hoses, allowing them to be placed into the vehicle’s filling inlet. The hoses are robust to survive heavy wear and tear, including exposure to weather and being driven over, and are often attached using heavy spring or coil arrangements to provide additional strength. A breakaway valve is also fitted to the hose to allow the nozzle and hose to break off and fuel flow to be stopped in the case a vehicle drives off with the nozzle still in the filler.


In some countries, pumps are able to mix two fuel products together before dispensing; this is referred to as blending or mixing. Typical usages are in a “mix” pump to add oil to petrol for two stroke motor-cycle to produce an intermediate octane rating from separate high and low octane fuels, . The benefit of blending for retailers is that it allows them to offer 3 grades of fuel while only having to maintain inventory of two grades. This frees up both working capital and tank capacity and improves fuel turnover

Product is dispensed through a 4mm x 25mm delivery hose which terminates with a 1” dispensing nozzle. Biodiesel Fuel Dispensing Machine can be engineered to meet with customer’s specific requirements and can be configured for dispensing a range of liquid fuels, chemicals and all other non-corrosive Biodiesel liquids.

Standard specification of Code to change unit price in Fuel dispenser manual:

  1. Flow rate: 5~50 L/M
  2. Precision: The max. volume inaccuracy no more than 0.3%,error repeated no more than 0.15%. The max. inaccuracy for min. measuring is 0.5%,error repeated no more than 0.25%.
  3. Noise: 80dB
  4. The digits number displayed on display screen:
    • Liter District : 6 digits or 8 digits
    • Amount District : 6 digits or 8 digits
    • Unit Price District : 4 digits or 6 digits
    • Counting range of shift totalize: Volume or amount : 8 digits (including 2 decimal digits)
    • Counting range of liter general totalize: 9 digits (including 2 decimal digits)
    • Counting range of amount general totalize: 11 digits (including 2 decimal digits)
    • Unit price setting range : 099.99 basic currency/liter
  5. Solenoid valve turn off setting range : 00.99 Liter
  6. Ambient condition :
    • Temperature – 45℃ to + 55℃
    • Humidity 30% to 90%
  7. Suction type inlet pressure and outlet pressure:
    • Inlet pressure no more than 54kpa
    • Outlet pressure no more than 0.3Mpa
  8. Power:
    • Voltage : AC220V±20% AC380V±20% AC110V±20%
    • Frequency : (50±1)Hz (60±1)Hz